About the Book

[This summary is in revision, thus not quite accurate….]

Riley Eckerd’s troubles tumble out of control after a possessed elevator dumps her and her brother Ellis into Adelphi, a world where dragons ply the winds, trees can kill, and people are colored like stained glass. Not to mention that a madman named Novatis, her half-brother, wants her dead.

Riley discovers that she is the missing king’s daughter by a romance he once had on Earth. No one knows what happened to him and Adelphi is lurching towards civil war in the absence of his mercurial power. This is all unwelcome news for Riley, who was never the sort of girl to play princess and just wants to go home. The only way there is to reach a site called the Fountain, an ancient wellspring of power so immense that in the wrong hands it could dismantle Adelphi and Earth. Ellis does his best to defend his sister, but when the lines are drawn Riley must make a terrible choice between honor, love, and sacrifice.

In 80,000 words, the young adult science fantasy Daughter of Antares tells a unique story of struggle, humanity, dreams, and adventure where violence has consequences and the outcome is never certain.