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Writing fiction has been a unusual experience. It took me a while to figure out that if you get stuck, you can just make something up. Law school didn’t destroy my writing, but it didn’t prepare me for that kind of freedom. As a lawyer you’re not supposed to make stuff up (honest!). My college work was also very fact-oriented: psychology and biology. My first job out of school was scanning people’s brains at a psychiatric hospital using MRI. Other jobs have included being a dad, a carpenter, and a flight instructor. These are very concrete, quantifiable jobs. (Well, not the dad thing! That does require a lot of improvising.)

My experiences have led me back to writing. Unsurprisingly I also love books, especially the wonderful ones I read as a kid (a random few classics are listed below). I write differently, think differently, because of the things I’ve read. Having enjoyed all this, it has been my long-term goal to add something new.

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Andrew W. Douglass



A few good books: